Dreamy Texture Plain Platinum Love Bands JL PT 592

Dreamy Texture Plain Platinum Love Bands JL PT 592

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Platinum Love Bands by Jewelove

Chasing individual dreams, you thought your paths would never meet. Later to realise that you are parallel paths to the same destination. How rare is that - a friend and partner appearing from nowhere! These Platinum Love Bands, crafted to symbolise your dreams & your journey, are a perfect complement to your rare love. This unique pair of Platinum Love Bands feature a unique texture.

  • Metal : Platinum
  • Platinum Purity : 95%
  • Purity Mark : Pt 950
  • Estimated Width
    • Men's ring : 6mm
    • Women's ring : 4mm
  • Estimated Platinum Weight
    • Women's Band : 6.00 grams
    • Men's Band : 8.00 grams
  • Certificate of Authenticity : Platinum Guild International

P. S. : The price is mentioned for the pair. To order a men's band or a women's band, please select the options above and the price will update accordingly.